Scientific Aproach for Morlocks

I wanted to have real logic behind the understanding of the Creatures Morlocks.
so i done some research on different topics that might help me get a real image of how Morlocks would look like if they really existed now.

What if humans had no sunlight?

everyone knows that you can take daily supplements of Vit.D, but Vit.D can also occur when the suns Rays hits the human skin, it develops a Vit.D synthesis. Vitamin D is used around your liver to help absorb calcium and help the kidneys work.Vitamin D helps growth, neuromuscular and immune function, and reduction of inflammation to help the healing process but Vit. D can be found in fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel. and very low amounts can be found in Beef, cheese (like the morlocks know how to make cheese) and milk.

So what dose that tell me?
The Morlocks will not be the right size of a real human because they live in darkness and probably need a large amount of meat and fish to sustain their growth within the darkness

Why do the Morlocks have reflective eyes?

The eyes of the Morlocks is described in the as Wide eyes that reflex light.
this is because they have involved from staying in the dark for too long, the reason why eyes shimmer is because of the tapetum lucidum "mirrors" behind the eyes which is a thick refelctive membrane that collects and re-emits light back to the original source. the reasons why humans can't do that is because they have a different lens behind our eyes that lets us see in color.

So what dose this tell me?
The morlocks have lost there color lenses and involved to a more of the black and white reflective lens.
i hope none of this is really possible over the human race but we will never find out.

i think these two questions answered my main thoughts about Morlocks and the rest is pretty straight forward.

i look forward over the next week designing My Morlocks and refining them to what i believe is suitable for my teen audience.

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