The Time machine (1960) film

Am reading the Book of the time machine written by WG wells.
and thought i should also download the two films that have been made from the book.
The film The Time Machine was made in the 1960 and directed by George Pal. so far from what iv read in the book has been accurate towards the film.

The plot of The Time machine is of a young inventor who creates a Time machine and uses it to prove to his friends that the idea of a Fourth dimension (time travel) is real, in doing so the time traveler George gets stuck in his interest of how the human society involves over the years and lands in a time where humans have been split into two different species eloi surface walkers and morlocks underground cannibals.
The eloi are in need of help but do not have the confidence to fight back the morloacks.
i found the film very good and interesting. The concept of it all made sense but there was a afew things that i wasn't 100 percent shure about, like the eloi didn't care about danger and didnt help one another, i was thinking to myself how did they even conceive and raise children?

i was slightly annoyed that they didn't speak full English, but spoke or understood alittle English, so did they have a first language? if not surely the human language would have depleted away and something esle would have been made for understanding between another.

The Morlocks only came out of hiding in the night time and ate the eloi once in a while. but how offen was that? and why live underground and eat eloi when they supply the food and well tailored clothing for them?... and they don't even dress them self.

I was told by Alan that in the book its different so i hope all of these questions that didn't make no logic will be explained in the book.

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