The Time Machine film 2002 simon wells

Ok so watching the Time Machine 2002 film was totally different from the original, there was a lot more logic behind the characters and it but also wondered away from the original story. i was glad to see all of the questions i had asked in my old post answered like are there other children with the eloi and other questions about the morlocks.

in the this film i found out there are three different types morlocks, spotters, brutes and brains is what i called them.
the spotters would first target their prey and then tag them with what i was guessing a potent dart. the anatomy of the spotters were small and skinny to give them the ability to climb in high places and probably swing from them for shooting darts, the Brutes will then retrieve the prey by smell, the brutes have the mussel and strength to carry away any human and the speed of a raging bull.
the brains where like normal humans but looked different. they could talk normally and communicate through thinking. the brains where also the master mind behind each colony and never came out.

the book, dose not state there was a higher morlocks controlling the other morlocks. but the film gave more logic behind the characters which i appreciated, the time traveler stays behind after destroying his machine and the morlocks at the end. but the book has him return to take photos and for a editor but never returns.

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