Chiselhurst caves

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Being in bed for 4 days (ill) really made me want to grab some fresh air, so on Sunday 20th. i went to Chiselhurst Caves in Chiselhurst, the journey took a hour to arrive but luckily my tour started 5 minutes after my arrival. the point of this journey was to have a look at caves for some live research and to get a better understanding of the atmosphere one of my characters would be living in.(morlocks)


we was all given a oil lantern so we could see within the dark because there was no natural light with the cave.

there were numbered markings on all of the walls around the whole cave called pitch numbers, they were used in the war times to mark out where family's of 6 (max) would stay for the night.

there was random carvings everywhere that dated back to the Saxons days.

a artist that used to work at the caves had carved this over 9 months, i thought it was very interesting, it discripts angles and demons in the world, a balance between good and evil.

i thought overall the day was less successful then i hoped it would have been. i was hoping there would have been more of a natural area and i didn't get the shadows i needed. it was intresting in general and i can take back some knowledge back to my bed.

videos of caves.

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