Influence maps for time traveler and Weena

I stumbled on this artist a a while ago via someone else blog and was amazed by the style of drawing, Michelle Czajkowski has a cartoon/realistic style to it and i think it will go well with my characters. i will be also keeping that hard boarder look as well involving hard edges and strong lines to mark out detail.
Michelle Czajkowski artistic style influence map.
i hope to create characters that are close to this style.

Time traveler:
i thought i would have a look at Victorian clothing and hair styles. my character is not so much of a gentleman like these lot but more of a well distinguished scientist. i want to capture his smart, classy, high class and well educated character but also have him stand out as not a every day scientist.

the character Weena, a small blond from a more natural related futuristic background has to be young.
i thought i would not only look at the figure of this character but also look at different things that are related with her. Yoga was one of the first things that popped into my skull. i think this character needs to be very neutral and energetic to always have a smile on her face, i also looked at clothing for her. i was thinking of very natural things like cotton of furry stuff, i wanted her to be thin and flexible abit like a child or something playful like a cat. i will probably add a thing that will involve a animal type sign or body paint to make the Eeloi civilization more believable.

i look forward to refining my ideas so they look like what they are meant to represent in their time period.

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