Time Machine concept ideas..

i have took some time to put my ideas into drawing. to help me visualize my other time machines, add parts
i had no idea were to go with my original design. i wanted to make it more interesting but had no clue how to start. Here are basic ideas that i thought would be great to have on a time machine, all the ideas were mostly based on how the time machine would travel form point A to point A really. :D

the far left picture is one of my favorite designs out of all the ones i have designed, i used alot of cog shapes to make the machine really interesting.
The machine on the time was made more for comfort, i thought the time traveler would appreciate being safe from any unappreciated weather.
the bottom one was just a quick idea... but i was told it was a failure.

next i thought i would play with a different design, if you view my silhouette list this is on the top left corner, i thought this would look nice as a machine but not every one must have saw the shapes in the silhouette as i did, i one on the top right also has a transparent window for protection.

These last two machines was made from the silhouettes of other time machines turned upside-down, i got this idea from JJ, and paul i think they were messing around but it was successful.
i will be looking to make some of these designs into photoshop drawings, and doing some research for characters.


  1. It's good to see you diversifying - BUT - there was something very charming about that very first design - it has an 'iconic' quality - instantly recognisable. Just saying... :D

  2. i don't think your the only one to be honest, i like the very second page, far left machine. i think its more of a upgrade and not saying iv copied the original but it feels more like my design, more unique. just saying :P