Time machine process and final concept 1

so over the last few days i have been refining my image of my time machine.
here are some process pictures of what i have been through.

first i thought i would rough out some simple shapes so i could tell what i was going to draw

next i made a layer so i could picture all the little detail that i was going to have on my time machine.
with a lighting points.

i wanted to show some sort of sophistication in the time machine because in the Victorian days everything was built for its purpose, and not really design.

i started to block out a basic color so i had a understanding of what material is used for the time machine, i thought in the Victorian days that most material was made out of copper and steal,
copper because it was cheap and flexible and steal because of how strong it was.
i started to block out my legs, i had to think how i wanted them to look and how they would hep the time machine, in terms of if there was any quakes while time traveling.

I wanted to keep the colors to what i had but Richard and bob said it would be better if i desaturated it a little.

i thought i would have a nice vintage type of arm chair on my time machine, for comfort and style, a little touch for the time traveler.

i was told by Tom and Zack that i needed some sort of clock so people that didn't know what was it was by first glance, so i thought a clock at the front of the machine was best suited for it.
all i needed now was just a few buttons to show time machine would work not only by a leaver.


my finished time machine.
i think over all i am disappointed that it had taken me SO long to do this concept, i will will be making 3-4 different ones and coming to a final decision, i will also be looking into research for the three characters i will be designing and what i can do with them. and possibly a sidekick character.
i have allot to do, and i feel like am slowly falling behind. so this week i will be working extra hard to get at least 2 more concepts done for my time machine, and research for all my characters. by next week i want all characters finished,design and a final selected for modeling. a heavy task is in front of me but i need to press froward


  1. That is bloody amazing. It's gonna look so good in Maya as well. Well done broham

  2. :) thanks simon. yer i need to do different visions of it though so this anit the final. and Broham .. i used to watch JT aswell :)

  3. Just a note on your general presentation: consider upping the size/impact of your images, Godwin - you're presenting your designs very small - and I think they deserve to take up more space!

  4. Exciting designs there :) hope it will look as awesome in maya too!