Character Design: Weena

I was told to re look at shapes that related with my characters and try to make a character out of them. i must say this one of the most hardest things i have ever done. ad disapointed with the results (so far for) this experiment. but there is always failure, before success right??? i don't know.

these are the different shapes i had silhouetted for this character.

well sitting there trying to make sense of what different parts of nature would make a character really hurt my brain. any way this is what i came up with below

the Top of her head is flower bud, shoulders made out of leaves, upper torso made fro a tomato and lower made from a Bonsai tree trunk. more leaves for a skirt or some sort. and the bottom half of a Venus fly trap for her legs,
:S .. yeah i know not a good look for a lady but it was a start to creating a character.

next i copied my layers and then try to make sense of of them more, to create a shape out of my garden lady. i then keyed in the points to make more sense out of them head,joints ect.

i then try to just get a final understanding of how she would look with a pose but don't think it worked to be honest.

so moving on i thought i would start to put some more ideas down on photoshop and play with other ideas to make her. am going through this phase, were i want to make this character more then she already is, because the Eli, live with nature i thought would make Weena have a role within the civilization. i thought i would make her into a planter/florist . in the book Weena gives the time traveler a flower, in his confusion if he was really dreaming the flow proved that what happen was all real. i thought i would play with this idea and make the character Weena plant different plants in earth so i will be looking at tools and such and baggage to help her do this.

going on form my original plant silhouettes this is the next few stages i took with the character.
i dressed he humble with long sleeves, i thought this would look good because it would flow in wind . abit like plants
i added pots and stuff in a bag she would carry. like i said i want to make this into game characters, so have the sidekick Weena by your side ready to plant seeds to grab the things you could not reach sounded interesting to me.
i cut the sleeves off, i thought mabe it would be harder for her to move because of them, more seed and pockets have been added.
just a basic understand of her utility belt :D i will change it more.

iv realized i should be on the modeling stage of my project so in the time i will be designing my two characters i will also be blocking out my time machine in Maya. i have alot to do and i can slowly feel the hands of 'sub-mission day' creeping on me .... -_- ... but overall am excited about this.:D


  1. I like this version of Weena, as a kind of guerilla gardener-type - she's rather androgynous too - not conventionally busty or to 'Pammy' - and I like her long torso here.

  2. thanks Phil am still unsure about the whole thing, its good to have feedback. :) ye i wanted to go for that androgynous type, tomboy look