Little Change, Big effect.

I have re edited my synopsis for my story. even though these are little changes they will have a heavy huge effect on how my designs will work and the logic behind them.

here are the changes i have made to the brief in terms of research and things that will have a heavy influence in my designs


Sci Fiction first person Shooter RPG video game developed by Unorthodox studios.

The game will focus in a parallel universe from ours and will concentrate on the story of a warrior on a mission to rescue his family from the capital city, who have held them for slavery. The main character will be from a village and therefore will be getting upgrades his/her weapons and armour throughout the whole game.

The designs and theme for the game will be based on ancient Greece and this will be reflected by the designs and patterns shown. The main look will be focusing on a well-developed and advanced city but mysterious (similar to how Greece would be in the future or Atlantis).


the style of the game will have a dramatic and very strong with orange colours and colours that will reflect the beauty of the lost world and its mood. I will be looking at images that are revolving around the sea. I.E coral, Mother of pearl, Sea anemones, shells, lava, contemporary/silver/Greek jewellery.

I will be looking at games like final Fantasy, God of war, mass effect and dragon age along with films heavily revolved around sci-fi its self like star wars, real steal, Ai and I robot for references on how it will be styled.

i noticed that maybe the design of a character and modelling of another Character will not be as interesting as the world that i have created for this game, because it is unique in its own sense and i think it would be a good idea to also make a few concepts on which my world will be based on.

Influence map on how the world and some props for the world.

Possible textures that will be used on city and characters armour

Patterns that might help with the design of the amour

Hydra influences scales patterns

there is a lot of influences that i will need to take into account for the game world. I will be looking forward to designing the hydra ...

with great concept come great responsibility.... yeah i made that up but sounds good :)

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