Hydra Shape

Ive been looking into the shape of my hydra in terms of how it will look, shape and style of what it would look like but i couldn't think, i kept going into a loop and was not getting any designing done for my Hydra done. i was concentrating on the logic behind the machinal machine how it would be powered underwater because i thought that was critical in my design and it is. i was looking at patterns and shapes associated with the sea and natural flow of nature ie. Larva, water, ice, wood patterns for decoration of my hydra but then forgot i still needed a shape overall.
in failing to use Photoshop silhouettes and abstract shapes through Alchemy i thought i would try and research for things that where simular to the the Hydra but in real life.
i found something they call a hydra but its a bateria and its anatomy was very interesting.

using the shape of the real-life hydra made as a base for my machinal hydra is a great starting point in terms for how it works.
the tentacles work as source for catching the food, and the mouth is directly in the middle of all the of tentacles.
in terms of my machine/character i could have the tentacles as a sharp weapon point to cut victims or catch them, the mouth of the Hydra could be like a razor sharp ship eater or some sort.

i will keep developing the the thought and the look behind the hydra over the next couple of days.

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