Bringing the world to life

I was told that i was rushing my project with the last previous post, and that i needed to slow it down alot. all of the work i had done was pointless because i didn't have what was needed before hand.
Alen told me to chill (not in his words) and think it though.
He gave me a diagram explaining what was needed to be done before i could start creating my mechanical Hydra.

  • Understand your character.
  • Understand your world.
  • Understand the technology with in this world.
  • Create your Character, with in the logic of your world
pretty much he didn't want me to create something that didn't make sense and didn't fit within this world.
example.....a steampunk hydra within a tron like world, it wouldn't make sense.

so i started looking into it and making thumbnail sketch compositions on how my world would look like, form far or on the ground.

As you can see i have sound things floating in my images, they are basic thoughts of what i wanted but in the next stang i had to develop them more.

I kept all of my buildings in my thumbnails very pointed, and always tried to show a giant building in the background. after this i had to move onto the technology be hind the city.

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