Hydra Shape

so now i have a few things to go with my hyrda i will be concentrating on the base of my machine, the material and the look of it is essential to my design.

the Hydra has to meet these specs.

  • Smooth
  • Sharp in sense of edges.
  • Able to move like a sea creature (segmented)
  • Futuristic.
  • Logical interms of how it may work.
I spit the Hydra into 3 maine Parts Cockpit, Maine Body and Tentacles.

The cockpit will hold a team of 3, one for each part of Hydra.
i wanted the cockpit to look smooth but slightly different from the body so it doesn't look so simular and boren.

segmenting the body so it could move was targeted around the neck and the bottom of the hydra so it can move its tentacles around. i also wanted to brake away from the fluency of the layered armour by putting something in the middle of the hydra. i thought a energy cannon would be weapon to place in there as a last resort to the crew men of the machine.

there was a few ideas behind each design you see on this page. each with a different ability.
but i didn't want the hyrda to look over complicated in terms of how the city would look.
maybe with a development pages i can refine it even more.

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