Inside the City.

ok so i had a basic understanding of my city but i still have to develop my random floating objects.

in this stage all what was going though my head was what they was and their purpose.
i went through a large list of things that might be in a city and i thought none of them show technology more then transport.

making transport is fun but it cant come form a blackhole, there had to be something that would let me take its shape or some aspect of it to help me a rage in my head a logic form of transport.
The first thing that poped into my mind was Sea creatures but not normal ones, i wanted something different if i could and strange.

I chose 5 creature.

  1. Dumbo octopus
  2. Frilled Shark
  3. Stingray
  4. Sea horse
  5. ToothFish
the Dumbo octopus was the hardest creature out of the five, i think this creature was so curved it didn't really fit my world or scenery.

the frilled shark had a very long slender body and i loved that the most about it, in my sketches i have tried to how the body would move if it was underwater by breaking it up into segments.

the stingray has this lovely fluent look about him. it looks like it was perfectly made for the water so i tried to capture how slim and smooth it looked within my designs.

The sea horse has a lot of body and shape towards its chest area, liked the idea of its shell, howit was ridged and layered.

the toothfish fit straight into my world, it has strong and sharp teeth a lot like my buildings. it feels really dark and dangerous from one look, and i liked that considering the world i was designing is contraled by evil people .

the next stage is now to add there elements to my Hydra base.

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