Art direction

I have picked a visual direction to wich i would like to apply to my character design project, the style focuses on the shape and the flow of the character. Underneath I have made some Influence maps. These maps i have prepared explain the style i would like to achieve in my major project.

Star wars: Clone wars has been going on for 4 seasons now and i have been a fan of the story and style that is used in this animation, the animation has really basic textures that make the characters look almost wooden in a sense. i think this is great because it allows all a large audience rage to view this cartoon. The animation is aimed at 14 and over and is the biggest influence of my project.

im mostly focusing of the edges of the characters, how they are sharp and curved at the same time.

Looking at wood sculptures has also been a strong style and interest, once again these sculptures uses strong edges that really capture the form of the piece.

Gehard Demetz's sculptures show the same style and more. i really like that he has gave the texture of the sculptures a a crossed hatched look towards it. i thought this really adds on to sculpture, not too much but also not too little. i will try and achieve this in my final concepts of designing my character.

Yasuhrio Sakura is a talented Artist that also captures what i will be looking for in my characters. The flow of the sculptures and the strong edge line of the sculpture make the model really bold and keeps the grooves deep and intense.

On top of this sculptured style of degin and modelling, i would like to carry the same value that the Star Wars: Clone Wars and Demetz's work in terms with the type of texture in there models.

this style is really apparent in games like Asura's wrath.

i think with these different aspects of style it will bring my character in a world that is suitable for ages 14 plus.

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