Major Project idea.

I have read a number of interesting books over time that I thought would make a great Project for my Major.

Out of 5 books I had picked out two characters form two different books that I thought would make a great character design and modeling project.

The book I looked into was Christopher Paolini’s, Inheritance cycle and focused on the description of the Ra’ Zac which are creatures of darkness and evil.

Thought out the book they are described with beaks on their faces and long capes. As you can tell there is not much there to go from but I thought It was a good thing because it leaved a lot for my imagination.

The other book I looked into was Peter F Hamilton’s Commonwealths saga- Pandora’s star.

The Story is about a battle in space that occurs between the humans and The Primes an alien non-organic race in the far corner of the universe.

none of the characters really took my interest but the species called the Silfen.

Which may be described as our myth, an elf. Because they are so random and undetected.

Here is a full description of a Silfen.

The Silfen Are Bipeds and are Slightly taller then humans, their heads are proportionally larger the humans with a flat face, wide feline eyes, thin nose with Long narrow nostrils and long, unbound hair, their mouths have three circles of teeth they can flex to pull food into their gullet, they have pointed tongues and although it looks Slightly menacing they are herbivores. Their skin is tougher then humans and has a leathery feel and silk shimmer, their hands consist of four fingers.

Through out the story we follow two characters that are looking for Silfen and they do this by walking on something called the ‘Path’. a wormhole that connects to different worlds. There are three planets described in the book that the Silfen live in. The first planet that is Silverglade, a rural and poor area within the galaxy, this planet is roughly about half land and half water, and 60% of the land is covered in forest, there are small molten core creates on the planet but none are volcanic, there are a lot of animals and vegetation on the planet and the temperature is hot the. It also has two moons.

Another planet that the Silfen live on is the Ice Citadel, for the purpose hunting whales outside of the citadel

The citadel is described with quartz trees in hexagon shapes and pillars coming from the trees, on top of the pillars are a mirror like roof that brings in light to the citadel and energy to a battery storing system during the night. The main hall is a dome with curved pillars that curve to meet in the middle with marble in between them.

The third of the planets is the Rock planet, which is not named in the book, The Silfen seem to be in their oldest form on this planet they walk slow and speak slower. The planet has red rock with carvings that shows the life cycle of the Silfen species.

The last inhabitance of Silfen is the Gas halo planet, a very mysterious place where the gravity is believed to be artificial, the Silfen here have adapted to the gravity with thin wing like skin between their arms, they use this to travel to the floating parts of land on the planet.

My project will concentrate on Concept deign for the Silfen species and the world they live on. I will alternately make a generic Silfen character and then will look into the four different environments of which they live in to alter my original character. After this is complete, I will then choose one of the designs to then be made into a 3D model.

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