Style and Anatomy Reseach

I have been looking at the the description on of the Silfen and the parts of their anatomy i thought stood out the most to define my character. the parts that i thought was most vital to my design are the following.
  • Head - Its Described that the Silfen have larger heads in proportion to the rest of their body.
  • Hands- The Silfen have four fingers am guessing no thumb like fingers.
  • Hair- is Unbound and long.
  • Legs - While hunting the Silfen are extremely fast so having different feting form humans, or legs may help them to run faster.
i Will be looking in to all of these different things that will bring the Silfen to life.

Yesterday i also took time to do a concept art of the how a skull of a Silfen character might look like. i tried to show three sets of teeth and wide feline like eye sockets. i also draw a human skull to show how different they are from another.

i tried to fuse a felines eyes with a human skull, it was really simple so i added other parts to the skull that may not show if there was flesh on top.
i apply crosshatching on top to get a sense of contour and texture.

Other then that i also went to Life drawing classes to try get more of a sense of the style i want to use for my character design. Here are the Results.

I used My Laptop and tablet to do this. i was concentrating on edges of the body that i thought was sharp and to make the drawing look almost sculpture like.

Life drawing will help me perfect the skill i will require over the next couple of weeks to make my concepts to more of the style i want it to be