Anatomy and Armor 1 progress WIP

Here is the latest renders of my character.

what i have so far
tribal body paint texture made from fish bones... :S
i am working on the line drawing a bit more, making it fluent and curvy. but also keeping the sharp points in the design that make it sculptural.


  1. Oh WOW I am loving this Godwin :D the colours really well too :)

  2. Thanks Andi, i originally wanted it blue... but didn't want it geting confused with the Navi fro Avatar.

  3. So cool Godwin, I'm not personally keen on the Armour colour though, I don't like the brown. I'm thinking where would he get brown material from in the arctic environment, I think the material should almost be a part of him to represent the harshness of this character, as if the Armour is made from the same material as him

  4. Hi =) I'm just someone about to join the 1st year this september. But I wanted to say your work really stands out to me. I'll be sure to add your blog to my google reader!