More Influence and Faces

The description of my Character has Long unbound hair and looking at hair like dreadlocks, helps me understand how to have hair that is not tied but has style that can be applied in the Starwars: Clone wars art direction.

African Masks

have have a detailed sculptural value to them that i believe is key to my Character.

I was really interested in a sculpter Kent Melton, because he has carried out everything i wanted in style wise

so here are my sketches of head shapes i have gathered from the silhouettes i had earlier.

i am really attracted to the on the right bottom and bottom left. i believe combining the two together will together will making something more successful as a design.

the elongated face on the bottom is very generic, but i think the style really works with the face.


  1. Nice pages, Godwin - great to see so much quality activity on here - fab! Keep it up - and power on... :)

  2. oh - and it probably doesn't quite fit the descriptions, but I like top right drawing on the second sheet - with that wide thin face...

  3. mr. mushroom head. yeah i quite like him aswel i will have a look into designing him a bit more, i think with hair he would look a lot better

  4. and thanks Phil for the feed back much appreciated