Silhouette problems.

I have been looking further into my anatomy of my character and started getting some silhouettes down for help me pic out the shape of my alien.

remember i was looking at tall thin figures, out of proportion heads, wide eyes and long unbound hair.
for me this was really straight forward so i thought i would start to get this tiny sketches done

here are the results.

Children Silfen

Teen Silfen

There are for different types of the Silfen as the story goes on i will be concentrating on the youngest and the teen stages because i thought they are the most interesting stage of the alien.

the youngest stage of the Silfen in the story are seen dancing and pl
aying flutes in a forest and are described as almost elf like, and the teen stage of the Silfen are seen hunting for ice whales.
i think this is a great form of contrast between the Characters, the playful child like aliens and the aggressive thrill seeking mature age.

As you can see the silhouettes are really simular and i needed to get a mix of different body shapes and features.
I was told to look at things to do with nature and try and get a silhouette, work further into it to get a character out of that.

so instead of getting pictures off the internet, i thought i would try and pick up some of these things myself so i could use a more hands on approach to the design.

not knowing how my character will look like i made some concept art that related with the style i was looking for.

This mess is the what i had picked up over sunday night. i couldn't really seen what i was picking but as you may see i picked some Ivy... and that made my face and certain other places on my body really itchy and swollen for two days. -___-


Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

Figure 8

Figure 9

Figure 10

Figure 11

Figure 12

Figure 13

Figure 14

Figure 15

Figure 16

Figure 17

i really enjoyed this method and will differently use it in future.

my plans for the week:
Friday - Blacken all Nature silhouettes and work on their features
Monday- Have a chosen silhouette for finalisation
Wednesday- Have profiles art and gadgets
Friday- Basic block modelling of Silfen character.

Throughout the process of modelling i would like to create a concept art for each day for my showreel.
My next post will be Later on today. stay tuned.


  1. Hope the swelling has gone down now, Godwin .... I'm fascinated by this approach and I'm looking forward to seeing you resolve your silhouettes from these natural collages... don't make me wait too long to see the results!