Silfen Portraits

I thought the face of my character was lacking a lot of emotion and character, so i thought i would pick three sketches i thought would be interesting

Portrait 1.

This first portrait was more of a understand about how the character behind my alien, i was aiming for a relaxed chief leader look. i thought having blotches on his skin would be a great idea it gave his skin some type of texture

Portrait 2.

I believe this was the least successful out of the four i created, i tied to keep the design of the really cut and sharp. i think in the end it looked too generic and boren.

Portrait 3.

I was convinced i wanted this to be my face of my Character i think he was showing a lot of emotion and he also had a menacing face wich is described later on in the book.

Portrait 4.

I was asked to do Portrait four from Phil. this alien was my least second favourite because i wasn't sure to to give him hair. i found this portrait the most interesting because of his nose and scaly face,

taking a look at the portraits Portrait one and 3 where decided on because of their looks and the color. 

Final Portrait

So i combine the two portraits together to create a new look, the i am happy with this so far and devolop it even more.

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  1. Couldn't you have shown their rings of sharp shark-like teeth?