Maya Processes to Final

Starting of modeling 

Blocking of the body parts

refining mesh and joining vercerties together  them together

sorting out of little problems


i took some time to play around with the crystals on my characters platform i player around with the transparency , colour , shadow and specular

                                                 final posed and textured shot.

                                                Textres Hair and Spear

           Armour and bands


 I used my landscape scene to light my model with final gather it wasn't a HDRI but i enjoyed playing around with the lighting.


Final character.

Here is the final outcome of the my character.

So a recap of the description of a Silfen from Pandora's star by Perter F. Hamilton Novel is

  • Long slender features
  • Big feline like eyes
  • Four sets of inner teeth that can flicker
  • Flat face
  • Four fingers
  • Long unbound hair.
i think putting all of these features together i have achieved something that i believe best discribes the Silfen Race.

Silfen Portraits

I thought the face of my character was lacking a lot of emotion and character, so i thought i would pick three sketches i thought would be interesting

Portrait 1.

This first portrait was more of a understand about how the character behind my alien, i was aiming for a relaxed chief leader look. i thought having blotches on his skin would be a great idea it gave his skin some type of texture

Portrait 2.

I believe this was the least successful out of the four i created, i tied to keep the design of the really cut and sharp. i think in the end it looked too generic and boren.

Portrait 3.

I was convinced i wanted this to be my face of my Character i think he was showing a lot of emotion and he also had a menacing face wich is described later on in the book.

Portrait 4.

I was asked to do Portrait four from Phil. this alien was my least second favourite because i wasn't sure to to give him hair. i found this portrait the most interesting because of his nose and scaly face,

taking a look at the portraits Portrait one and 3 where decided on because of their looks and the color. 

Final Portrait

So i combine the two portraits together to create a new look, the i am happy with this so far and devolop it even more.

Silfen Design update.

Here is a more well resolved version of the character down i did earlier, Alex made a strong point about the Leather being used in his environment conditions so i changed it into some material. or whale leather.

i have still tried to keep the Style consistant through my designing process. 

The hair was a bit of a worry for me am wasn't sure how to do long hair in the art style of Star wars clone wars so i brought a book off Good ol' Amazon to learn a bit more.

the Creature in the book has long hair but it is also stylised and modeled i thought this would look great on my modle 

Anatomy and Armor 1 progress WIP

Here is the latest renders of my character.

what i have so far
tribal body paint texture made from fish bones... :S
i am working on the line drawing a bit more, making it fluent and curvy. but also keeping the sharp points in the design that make it sculptural.